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Euphoria Travelling Group

Euphoria Travelling Group


Thanks to Channel 9 for the footage

 Part of the Euphoria pamphlet ( young people in bathers playing on the beach under palm trees)
A  copy of a Euphoria Travelling Group brochure

Don’t let a scratch card scam ruin your New Year.

A fraudulent offer, suspiciously similar to one intercepted by WA ScamNet mid 2009, has been turning up in letterboxes across Australia.

Envelopes, possibly promoting a Christmas windfall, contain a brochure from the Euphoria Travelling Group and two scratchies.

Once scratched, one of the cards claims that the receiver has won US$150,000 and asks them to get in touch with the Malaysian-based company to provide personal information such as a phone number, bank account and drivers licence details.

Supposed ‘winners’ are asked to pay advance fees of about $3,000 via Western Union to cover government taxes.

Don’t let the glossy brochure, impressive scratch cards, professional-looking website or plausible correspondence via email fool you.

Instead of throwing your money away help us to expose scams like this.

WA ScamNet believes it is a new version of the Malaysia Starize Travelling Group.