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Act of God Awards

The Australian money notes spread out in a fanAct of God Awards

God help us from scam letters like this:

“Act of God Awards Sweepstake Prized Delivery System

“Reaching out in generosity in the Year Two thousands and Six.

“A for profit mission to bring hope and the blessing of wealth to people of all faiths has found (you) eligible for an Act of God Award through the 2006 system in an amount over and above $1,500,000.

“Whatever blessings you receive in this world should be used to help not just yourself and to lift up your own life but to assist other worthy people who are without financial luck.”

The “Act of God Awards” is one almighty ruse!

Genuine charities are “not-for-profit” organisations, not “for-profit mission" as stated in this letter from FDF, Inc.

The only mission FDF has is to rob you of $30 in return for a monetary compendium. For the uninitiated, a monetary compendium is a list of competitions to enter.

FDF explains it all in its conditions. It states it “carefully examines, acquires and makes available full entry directives for known cash and prizes equalling or exceeding stated amounts.”

But FDF doesn’t actually run these competitions. It only provides you with the information. The competitions are run by so-called National sponsors who may alter promotional offers without FDF’s knowledge.

From time to time FDF will send you additional offers.

You’ll probably find you are ineligible to enter some competitions. Some prize giveaways are run by legitimate retailers wanting to promote their business. Other competitions are conducted by direct marketing companies to get your personal information for mailing lists. Always ask yourself whether the prize is worth you being on yet another mailing list!

This is the same offer made by 17 other scams operating out of three PO Boxes in Fort Langley, BC, Canada.

A WA consumer, who sent off their money to Carter Hammond and Pierce, received a cheap photocopied booklet listing web-based sweepstake and prize giveaways. The consumer was ineligible to enter the sweepstake offering $1 million but could be in the running to win a bottle of intestinal cleanser! Second prize was $5 off a bottle of intestinal cleanser!

The Fort Langley Mob are:

  • Hauser, Gottesman & Associations (Kings Treasure Inc) - PO Box 2700

  • Rutger, Feinstein, Rohrbach & Stern Ltd (Kings Treasure Inc) - PO Box 2700

  • John Latimore Wainwright (E&S, Inc) - PO Box 2600

  • Prize World Incorporated (PWI) - PO Box 2700

  • International Express Awards, Inc (I.E.A) - PO Box 2600

  • Carter, Hammond and Pierce or C.H.P - PO Box 2600

  • Cash Alert, LLC (CAL) - PO Box 2800

  • Act of God Awards (FDF Inc) - PO Box 2800

  • Prize Giveaway Inc - PO Box 2700

  • P.A.I.D (Platinum Awards Investigative Division) - PO Box 2600

  • Direct Account Enhancement Inc (CDI) - PO Box 2700

  • Winner’s Location Corp (Smithhaven Inc) - PO Box 2700

  • Prize Payments (Cashorama Inc/COR) - PO Box 2600

  • Corporate Prize Headquarters (CPH) - PO Box 2600

  • Central Assets Holding Company (NABA) - PO Box 2800

  • IPD - PO Box 2800

  • Bank Vault - PO Box 2700

  • Cash Acquisition Resources (FDF Inc) - PO Box 2800

WA ScamNet will let you draw your own conclusions.