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Aus Prize Disbursement Agency

Aus Prize Disbursement Agency A pile of gold coins

"This Notice is being directed to you in connection with a currently unclaimed cash prize in an Australian prize draw. The amount in question is $9,000.00 and it is this Agency's responsibility to ensure that it is paid out to the rightful winner by bank certified cheque in accordance with the Official Rules printed overleaf.

We are very pleased to inform you that your indentification, via a selected and pre-qualified list of individuals obtained by the Sponsor, means that you have been identified as definitely being eligible for this cash prize amount of $9,000."

Previously WA ScamNet told you about a scam called "Payment Processing Bureau" in which a Mr Randall Carter was apparently responsible for making sure that a $10,000.00 prize was paid to the rightful recipient. The "Payment Processing Bureau" scam's mail address was PO Box 609, Elland, HX5 9DN, United Kingdom.

Would anyone like to guess the return postal address for this scam...? That's right, PO Box 609, Elland, HX5 9DN, United Kingdom...and that's just the beginning of the similarities.

Aus Prize Disbursement Agency also has a cash prize to give away, but this time it's $9,000.00 instead of $10,000.00...and just like the previous scam, this also includes the option to pay for "Cash Value Certificates on holidays, leisure and retail shopping with a guaranteed redemption value of $1,500.00".

Just another scam offering to "sell" you junk mail...

"...experience has shown us that people don't bother to respond to this notice because they do not take it seriously."

Aus Prize Disbursement Agency even took the time to encourage and reassure the reader, but at WA ScamNet, our experience has shown that people aren't responding to scams because they're too savvy (are completely aware of exactly what we get and don't get from these scammers), and take protecting themselves against scams very seriously...

...if it looks too good to be true, it probably is...!