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Award Notification Commission

Award Notification Commission

Award Notification Commission suggests that you are the winner of one million dollars.

They even suggest you seek advice from a financial professional on how to spend your windfall.

Unfortunately, the only windfall you are likely to receive is a windfall of other similar misleading offers.

Award Notification Commission is a typical prizes and lotteries scam full of misleading claims and misrepresentations such as “confirmed winner”.The official looking letter states: “The office of the Kansas City KS organisation Award Notification Commission will begin payout authorisation directly after deadline transferring your “potential status” to confirmed winner of $1,000,000 One Million Dollars (sic) according to the terms and conditions of this letter if you have and provide the original preselected winning number.”

Read the fine print and you’ll discover that you haven’t won anything yet. Award Notification Commission operates a sweepstake. The winning number has already been predetermined. You must enter the sweepstake to see whether your number is the winning number. If the owner of the winning number does not respond, Award Notification Commission gets to keep the big bucks and instead will distribute smaller prize amounts ranging from $10,000 to $50.

Interestingly, the fine print states: “It is indeterminable as to whether the actual winning number has been distributed until after the promotion end date (February 2009)”.

Confused by this Kansas letter! So are we. Now we know how Dorothy felt in the Wizard of Oz.

Basically this promotion is just a ploy to get you to pay $20 for a piece of junk merchandise. Rather than a pair of red shoes, it is a gold tone necklace with crystals and is not worth the $20 price tag.

Worse still, the fine print states that Next-Gen Inc (who are behind this letter) will make their mailing list (including your details) available to other mail-order companies.

The only good news is that the fine print provides information about how to get off the mailing list. We suggest you take them up on this offer and follow the instructions carefully.