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Award Notification Service

Award Notification Service

This Award Notification Service has been delegated the responsibility of contacting you regarding cash and prize awards totalling in excess of $600,324.50 for which your selection and eligibility has been verified and confirmed.

A big pile of australian 100 dollar notesApparently the Award Notification Service has a "cash and prize eligibility report" for you and you'd best send them the "requisite reporting fee within the next eight days"...and how much is that fee...?

$39.95, $49.95, or $59.95...? or all three...?

So do they have one report or three reports...? And just what is contained within these reports...? The letter certainly didn't give us any indication of what we might be paying for...

Luckily the WA public are too wary to send money to a company in the UK on the basis of a tiny letter that doesn't even tell them what they'd be getting...!