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Brooks & Company Ltd

Brooks & Company Ltd

A gold sun charm on a gold chain on a white backgroundGetting an expensive piece of jewellery just as a reward for shopping is an incredible offer.  Much too incredible!

In the latest attempt to sell next to worthless jewellery and other items, Brooks & Company Ltd from the US has sent out look-a-like cheques to the value of $783.00 to mail recipients throughout Australia.

The cheques can’t be cashed of course, but can be redeemed for a hand-cut diamond, a gemstone ring or bracelet or a fine leather wallet and money clip ensemble.  Let us assure you, the value of these items is no where near the purported claims.

So why such a generous offer?  The promoter claims these valuable items are being offered simply as a thankyou for shopping.

All the consumer has to do is send the original cheque and a delivery form with any receipt from any purchase, at any store, anywhere and at any time.

But here is the catch.  The consumer has to cover the cost of postage and handling of $AU 32.49.

This offer from Brooks & Company Ltd is similar to others from Imperial Distribution Company, International Designer World, Kingston and Strathmore, Financial Security Services and International Cheques Clearing House.

They are just attempting to sell cheap jewellery.  Our strong recommendation – bin it and don’t respond.