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Centre International des Gains of Switzerland

Centre International des Gains of Switzerland

A hand swiping a credit card though an eftpos machine"Following the draw on the 10 April 2002, under the authority of our Legal Team, It was DEFINITELY concluded that: Only (you are) the Beneficiary of a Cheque! The $17,000 are officially yours!"

Yes, your "personal confirmation of prize dispatch" says that you are the winner of the $17,000 cheque game. A fee of $55 applies.

Careful reading of the fine print from Games Headquarters, Winnings and Payouts Department shows:

  • "Cheque for $17,000" is the name of the game, not a statement of your prize.

  • The draw has already taken place. If the winner is one of the people who completes and returns the claim form with $55 then the major prize will be awarded.

  • One person wins a cheque for $17,000, everyone else wins another prize

  • The other prize everyone "wins" by paying the $55 fee is "An Extraordinary FREE Method for Games of Chance that will guarantee you Breathtakingly Abundant Wins!"

  • The same draw will be presented in different names and formats - which means more of the same

So, what do you do when someone tells you that you have won a prize in a competition you did not enter?

(a) Send your credit card details to someone you have never heard of before in another country?
(b) Send the material post free to WA ScamNet?