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Consolidated Award Services

Consolidated Award Services

A green cauldron style pot full of gold coins The claim says that you have a certified cheque for the guaranteed total cash award of US$10,000 authorised for immediate issuance and payment.  You also have the right to claim a genuine diamond necklace for $29.97.  However, you must return the entire notice of claim before the deadline.


It is a sweepstakes game sponsored by Consolidated Award Services in Vancouver, Canada.

So what does this mean I don’t get the US$10,000?

  •  It means you put in a claim agreeing to participate only in the sweepstakes and agree that your name, address, and photo can be used for promotional campaigns

  • Your odds at winning the $10,000 is 1:5,000,000

  • You must answer a mathematical skill-testing question in order to be declared a winner, (that’s once you have beaten 499,999,999 people to the prize)

 Yeah right!

 What happened to the US$10,000?

The same as the other misleading statements about companies you have not heard of, about prizes you have not won, and questions you cannot answer, in competitions you did not enter.