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Direct Payment (Direct Paimement)

Direct Payment (Direct Paimement)

It is a dream for many people to win the ultimate jackpot in a lottery or just a small slice. Many scammers, including Direct Payment, pray on these dreamers.

Direct Payment’s scam is very familiar to a previous offender on ScamNet, Promo Direct.

These clever operators make their scam letter look very official with watermarks and fake cheques. 

The poor victims of this scam are lured in by the impression they have won thousands of dollars (our example showed $53,000 but amounts may vary).

They have to pay $45 within five days to claim their prize.  If this money is really available to the winner, why don’t Direct Payment send a cheque for $52,955?  Plus do you trust international post to get your claim delivered to Direct Payment within five days?  Sending mail from Perth to Brisbane can take five days!

The $53,000 is a prize pool for a game Direct Payment are running.  Your $45 dollars is just a grab for cash on their part.  All you will get is a guide they call “Investment and Endowment Guide for All!”

The fine print reveals that the “$53,000.00 Grand Game” is actually ‘free and without obligation to purchase or pay’. So why fork out your hard earned $45?

Plus there was already a pre-draw before the documents were even sent out.  They have only selected one winner so ‘all other participants are considered as losers’.

Apparently they need you to reply within five days for logistic reasons but once again there is no date on your reply slip so how will they know if you met the deadline or not?

This is so similar to Promo Direct it is like they copied the fine print word for word.

If you really enjoy buying tickets and playing games of chances your $45 dollars would be better spent investing in legitimate local raffles supporting community groups and charities.  That way you can see the rewards of your money even if you don’t win!