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Direct Riches Contest

Direct Riches Contest

A dark wood, wooden chest full of gold coinsDirect Riches claims it’s not a sweepstake, lottery, chance promotion or telemarketing.

Well, they have got that right. But while they call it a three-level contest, WA ScamNet calls it a scam.

Direct Riches sends out a letter claiming to be from the “Accounting Supervisor’s Office”.

It reads: “When we receive your completed $30,000 Cheque Verification Form below with fee, and you have the highest score, I will issue a cheque that reads “Pay (your name) $30,000 Cash”.

If only it was that simple. Read the contest rules and you’ll find you have to enter three levels of the contest and answer a series of questions.

The real kicker is that it will take about a year before the prizes are awarded.

In the letter sent to a WA consumer in June, the contest rules stated that the contest will be judged “on or before April 30, 2007” and the prizes awarded no later than June 30, 2007.

It will cost you $25 to enter but costs could spiral up to $125 if you take up the “bonus opportunities”.

The main prize is $30,000 with 49 secondary prizes ranging from $50 to $2,500.

Ask yourself:

  •  Is it really worth spending your hard earned money to enter a competition which will not be   judged for a year?

  •  Do you really want to supply your credit card details to a company you know nothing about and   which only has a PO Box address?

  •  How do you independently verify that the money was or will be paid out?

Direct Riches Contest, Quick Cash, Cash Contributions and Ready Riches Contest are run by WPL Promotions Limited and Enigma Promotions Ltd. The two companies have the same return mail address of PO Box 326, 5010 48th Avenue, Delta BC Canada.

It’s no puzzle that this is the same scam operating under different names. Don’t waste your money by responding.