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Emilie Paul

A gold sun charm on a gold chain on a white backgroundThis is another product promotion campaign under the guise of a contest to win $15,300 or jewellery.

Our guess is the only so-called prize on offer is the jewellery.

Emilie Paul is the trademark of Alpen, the company promoting the contest.

Emilie Paul claims that you will receive the money as long as you reply as soon as possible, fill out the Prize Claim Coupon, and return it together with $50.

The coupon requires you to supply your credit card details, date of birth, telephone number and email address. Why would they need such details - possibly for scam emails, telemarketers, or even identity fraud?

The information also states that they may present the prize under various titles and themes.  This statement seems to suggest that Alpen has mass mailed-out similar letters promoting the same prize.

Interestingly, psychic Julie Haley (also named by WA ScamNet) has the same mailing address as Emilie although Julie is not offering money. Julie Haley is a trademark of Calypso.

If you reply to Emilie Paul, you will probably receive some cheap jewellery and will certainly get more scam offers.