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Euro Millones International Lottery

Euro Millones International Lottery

Misspellings often spell a scam and that’s certainly the case with the “massage” (we think that should be message) from Euro Millones International Lottery.

This dodgy offer is not to be confused with the legitimate overseas-based Euro Millions, for which you have to buy a ticket in Europe to enter.

Your Euro Millones win will be announced in an out-of-the-blue letter from Madrid in Spain. Supposedly you were picked in a ballot of 55,000 names from all over Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and North and South America.

After getting through the lengthy ticket, claim and batch numbers you’ll be told you’ve won…wait for it…US$9,715,810, 00 (their typo not ours) – Nine Million Seven Hundred and Fifty Five Thousand and Eight Hundred and Ten Dollars.

The letter says that the prize is from a total fund of €300,871,150.00 or THREE HUNDRED MILLION, EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY EUROS, being shared among 100 international winners.

Don’t be fooled by the official-looking seal, signature and logos; if you look carefully, the production of this letter isn’t as professional as it might initially seem.

Claims of money waiting in an insured bank account with a bond policy are also a complete fabrication. As for the 5% you’ll have to pay back to the ‘claims agent’ who entered you into the draw, we suspect that’s the line that’ll be used to extort money from you later down the line.

The pay-slip type form and passport-style booklet accompanying this mail-out do look more convincing than the letter itself. Take this as a sign that the scammers are prepared to spend money to make money – the cost of the materials will be outweighed by the number of people who fall for the con (so they believe).

Do not follow the instructions and begin your claim by contacting Quincy Seguiros & Finance S.A. because there is nothing to claim. The scammers just want to get your details, hook you in further and take money from you. They will be the only winners in the situation and you stand to lose out.