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a pile of lottery tickets with a penApparently Euro-Lottery have been running a major promotional campaign in Australia and their computer system chose 1,500 people to be part of their first draw as part of their campaign. How nice of them to enter you into a contest you never asked for.

Now it seems that those WA ScamNet contributors who received a letter from Euro-Lottery were all some of the 600 lucky individuals that supposedly won $10,000. If their letter is to be believed, Euro-Lottery will hold your $10,000 reserved for 7 days at which time it will be passed over as an "unclaimed prize" and made available for someone else to win. Pity you've got no way of knowing when the 7 days starts from. There's no mention of any starting date, nor is there  a date on the letter at all.

But would you believe there's more...?

If you reply within 48 hours, not only can you claim your $10,000 but you can also claim someone else's "unclaimed prize"...!  Of course, there's still the same issue we had before of not having a clue when the 48 hours starts from.

Suffice to say, Euro-Lottery makes several claims about being new to Australia but WA ScamNet contributors have seen all of these sorts of claims before, and they didn't believe them then either.