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Foundation Mondiale d'Attribution des Gros Gains

 Foundation Mondiale d'Attribution des Gros Gains

This is one of the scams doing the rounds at the moment.

So what’s the trick?

A scattering of diamonds on a white backgroundLots actually.  Where do we start...?

As usual, we start with the fine print.

Firstly, you are DEFINITELY not a person to IMMEDIATELY receive a CHECK for $30,000.

  •  You have to send $60.00 to cover administration and delivery.

Surely if you had won $30,000 they could take the $60.00 off and send you the remainder?

  •  The prizes stated in the small print are a check for $30,000 or a jewel of great value!

Jewel?  Where did that one come from?

It’s a sweepstake draw and you have been put in the draw with millions of others.

  •  What happened to 'IMMEDIATELY'?

  •   Your name, address and photographs can be used for publicity linked to this game

Yes, you could be used to publicise other scams.  How do you feel about that?


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