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Global Wealth Reporters

Global Wealth Reporters

The planet earth on a white backgroundGlobal Wealth Reporters claim you have the opportunity to receive up to $2,005,944.

In bold headings, one version of this letter states “For Full Reported Financial Reward Amount Up To $2,005,944 Paid In Dollars”.

If you send off your $28, you will be notified within two weeks of the exact amount of an “opportunity assessment”.

Global Wealth calls it a “sponsor guarantee opportunity”. Global Scam Reporter (WA ScamNet) calls it a scam.

There is another version of this letter doing the rounds. It claims Global Wealth have confirmed availability of “over $2,005,983 in total disbursements for which you appear to be fully eligible”. This time it only asks for $20.

Global Wealth claims its North American headquarters are in Las Vegas. But it has various return addresses in England.

It doesn’t matter what version of the letter you receive. All you will get for your money is a booklet containing lists of prize draws, lotteries, contests and other promotions you can enter. Is this really good value for your money?

Many scammers are now flogging these types of reports because they are easy to compile and cheap to produce. Consumers who have been hoodwinked into sending off their money in the past for these lists have discovered that they are ineligible to enter some of the competitions, while we think none of the competitions are worth entering.

Don’t respond to these offers. You will only waste your money and risk being inundated with more worthless offers.