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Greenfield Associates

Greenfield Associates

Greenfield Associates letterLike a rich spicy dish, some scams keep repeating.  A Canadian based group,  Greenfield Associates claim to offer the lucky recipients of their unsolicited letters a cash award of US$10,000 or, if you’re prepared to wait a little longer, ten annual payments of US$1,138.71.

They ask recipients to complete a claim form so they can rush back the cash award by priority air post.

And if that doesn’t tempt you, for just a $39.95 ‘acquisition and transmittal’ fee, you can also receive a stunning enamelled gold heart pendant with a genuine hand cut and polished .50pt diamond on an 18-inch chain!

By reading the fine print, you find you are actually entering a pre-draw competition with a ‘No purchase necessary’ clause.  So why do you need to make a purchase?  You don’t – and you shouldn’t waste your time or money with this scam either.

Identically worded letters were sent to Western Australians back in 2006 by the Payment Resources Group.  What a coincidence!  At that time Consumer Protection contacted their representative, but they were unable to show just cause as to why their mail should not be seized and destroyed.

Consumer Protection wrote to Greenfield Associates earlier this year, but to date has had no response.  Letters seized by Consumer Protection from Greenfield Associates are currently being destroyed.

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