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Harris & Witherspoon

Harris & Witherspoon

The Australian money notes spread out in a fanThis is a Canadian sweepstake, posted in bulk from Singapore.  

The letter claims that you are a cash claim recipient. You are requested to return the cash claim form within 10 days. 

Conditions on the reverse of the letter suddenly explain that this is a sweepstake competition with confusing rules and requirements.

There are apparently two prizes of US$10,000 or ten annual payments of US$1,138.71 each, plus three prizes of US$2,500, and then all entrants receive US$1.00.

“As a special bonus, you may also request a stunning Enamelled Gold Heart Pendant set with a genuine hand-cut and polished .50 pt Diamond on a 18-inch chain."  The cost is $29.95.

The cash claim and the extra bonus cannot be sent to you until they receive the form (and the money). 

The intent of this scam is to sell you over-priced jewellery. We have not heard of anyone winning a sweepstake.