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ILS German Lotto

ILS German Lotto

The German flag The great Australian dream of winning Lotto is what ILS is banking on.

ILS would like you to believe the German Lotto is rather easy to win and will happily take your money to give you a shot at it.

This scam asks people to send in US$19.95 for 250 Lotto rows or US$34.95 for 500 Lotto rows and they claim they have a “No win? Money back” policy in place.

ILS give you seven reasons to take part in their scam including

  • 100% payment guaranteed;

  • If you don’t win for 1 month, you get your money back;

  • BIG prizes, LOW investment;

  • 500/1000 EVERY WEEK of winning a big prize;

  • Limited number of participants:

  • Excellent service;

  • 2 draws a week on Wednesday and Saturday.

As incredibly generous as the Netherlands based company seems they are lacking in other detail including the details of the lottery.

They have also placed an asterisk highlighting the “minimum participation time is one month (8/9 draws)” – the catch is your US$19.95 or US$34.95 covers just one draw so you do the maths.

If  you sign an authorisation to debit your bank account as ILS requests you could see anywhere from US$180 to US $314 disappear from your bank account.

ILS also send out glossy Scratch and Win cards free-of-charge.

WA ScamNet advises you to ignore any prize you win on these cards.

The fine print on the $53,000 prize WA ScamNet has, states ILS use the cards as a campaign.

Get your magnifying glass out and the fine print reveals initially the winners of the prizes were chosen in advance by means of a lottery but later the rules change to say the winner of the US$53,000 has been selected at random.

They have to receive the Scratch and Participation Form for you to claim your riches within a week and ILS take no responsibility for any late, lost or misdirected mail.   

ILS may have seven good reasons for you to send off your winning scratch cards or your credit card details but WA ScamNet has plenty of reasons to advise you not to.

One good reason should put you off entertaining any such idea -  many scammers can on-sell your details.