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Immediate Wealth Office of Administration

Immediate Wealth Office of Administration

a gold letter slot with mail sticking through it on a white background Immediate Wealth has been sending personally addressed letters to our WA ScamNet contributors notifying them of their $30,000 Prize Entitlement Papers.

“You are 100% GUARANTEED to receive the $30,000 CASH prize when you have confirmed as the Grand Prize Winner of this 3-part contest.”

This is another lottery prize scam.

Contestants must solve the first puzzle and send $10 “judging fee” to participate. But when you read the contest rules, you find the $10 is only the first step. You then go into a series of tiebreakers.

According to the rules, you will be offered additional opportunities to increase the prize amount you play for – at a cost of up to $110.

There is up to a nine-month delay between when you send your initial $10 payment and when the first round is judged.

At least the contest rules advise that you could be sent additional offers and their mailing list is shared with other firms. Beware!

How do you know if this is a legitimate contest? None of our contributors has ever won any money on these types of sweepstake mail-outs.