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International Awards Treasury

International Awards Treasury

A diamond pendant on a diamante chain A well presented personally addressed letter informs you are holder of a unique $100,000 cash payment number. Read the details carefully and you’ll discover you haven’t actually won $100,000, just the chance to enter a sweepstake to win $100,000 if you send in your details. As an added bonus, send $29.97 and you receive a genuine one point diamond and gold-plated necklace. None of our contributors have told us they have ever won money in the sweepstake and the jewellery they received was junk jewellery. The only thing you can be guaranteed of is receiving more and more of these offers.


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    Lotterywest scams

    An email using the Lotterywest logo and other unauthorised images has been received by many WA consumers advising them of a bogus Lotto win.

  • Biotal diet pills
    Biotal diet pills

    A Dutch scammer has come up with a particularly distasteful way of flogging diet pills – tell the customer they’ve won pension payments or cash.

  • ILS

    ILS claims you have won up to $65,000 in the ILS Big Draw Campaign. This is just another lottery ticket seller. If you are going to play lotto then stick with the government regulated system in Australia. Profits from the Australian lotto system go to legitimate charities that help fellow Australians … not foreign company profits.