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International Centre for Financial Leaders

International Centre for Financial Leaders

Wouldn’t you love to become a member of an exclusive billionaire’s club? Unfortunately you won’t get there by responding to this scam letter.

The letter claims you have been selected to receive $55,555 and entry into the International Centre for Financial Leaders where you are “guaranteed” to receive huge sums of money.

The personally addressed letter claims that the centre does not distribute large sums of money to just anyone. Only “special” people who have been through a rigorous selection process are entitled to receive the money. Billionaire J.W. Rawberts personally chose you.

“All the leading figures of this world, from billionaires to tycoons, have one thing in common. They all knew when to seize the right moment!” the letter states.

Unfortunately, this is NOT the right offer to seize! If you respond, the only club you will be entering is the “International Centre for Victims of Scams”.

This letter is just a ploy to get you to pay $55 for a useless get-rich-quick scheme called “The Rawberts Method” after its creator J.W. Rawberts.

WA ScamNet believes that the great benevolent billionaire J.W. Rawberts doesn’t actually exist. So how does a fictitious character personally select you to receive money? Obviously he can’t. Your name was simply “selected” from a scammer’s mailing list.

Despite the guarantees contained in the letter, you have not won anything yet. The fine print clearly states that this letter contains no firm offer and you must enter the competition to win the grand prize. It details how the winning number was pre-drawn before the mail-out began (which is a very unusual way to run a competition!) and that this promotion will be sent out under different representations until the close of the competition in December 2008.

This is just another scam run by Promo Direct. To read more about Promo Direct click here.