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International Cheques Clearing House

International Cheques Clearing Houseexample letter

International Cheques Clearing House is writing to people to advise a guaranteed US$10,000 payout is still pending. 

The instructions are to complete and return the attached ‘Entry Resolution Form’ immediately to claim the payment. The problem is the only guaranteed cheque is for US$1.00.

Read the fine print on the back of the letter and it says you go into a draw for two grand prizes of US$10,000. It’s a sweepstake. The only guaranteed prize is US$1. Why would you even bother wasting your money on a stamp?

The real aim of the letter is to get you to take up the ‘Class A’ jewellery offer. Just for you, a special offer of US$34.95 for the entire Maharani collection – a pendant and 2 stunning earrings on pure white gold plating. There’s also a genuine garnet, and genuine Swarovski fully faceted diamonds on a matching brooch.

Since when do genuine diamonds sell for US$34.95? It’s more likely to be genuine crystals and the whole jewellery set is probably not worth much more than your postage costs.

It is not worth responding to these dodgy deals.