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International Leather Shop

International Leather Shop

IInternational leather shopnternational Leather Shop maintains you are the recipient of a cash award of “up to” US$10,000 in the International Publicity Sweepstakes.

Send US$34.95 plus US$5.95 for shipping, handling and insurance, and you will receive your cash award cheque in a Fernando Dalie Leather Chequebook Wallet.

You will also receive a “genuine diamond Bellini slide and hide bracelet watch”.

Read on and you’ll find there is only one US$10,000 prize; three US$2,5000 prizes; and all other entrants receive US$1.

Ask yourself: Why do you have to pay to receive a prize in a sweepstake and why do they need to sweeten it with free gifts?

This mail-out is just about flogging leather goods through the mail.

If you really are interested in getting a Fernando Dalie product – check the Internet where we found at least one site selling the same product without the hogwash.