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International Settlements Authority

International Settlements Authority

The letter from Ontario, Canada notifies:

The swiss flagYou are included in a group of individuals authorized to claim property which has been assigned to you, in a pending international lottery settlement, being administered by this office.

Property is guaranteed to be disbursed in this pending settlement … guaranteed US$5,000 (or) a pro rata share of … winnings (in a $99,000,000 prize pool).

So, what's the catch? If you accept what the fine print has to say, the scheme is actually an invitation to participate in a privately-run lottery syndicate. The registration fee of US$29.95 guarantees you a place in a 250 member syndicate that runs until that syndicate wins a prize (any prize) to share amongst its members.

So why does the invitation deceitfully state that you own property awaiting collection? Misleading advertising material like this, if published in Australia, would attract the attention of consumer protection agencies. Customers would be able to get help with any claim.

Does International Settlements Authority send letters like this to people in Canada? We will ask them.

You can help us to help the entire community by sending suspect material post free to [ Article KFVHNRWQSQZRLEF5P63HLDFVNMUO1S not found.]