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International Shipping & Notification Centre

International Shipping & Notification Centre

Three jewels; a ruby, an emerald and a sapphire "We need your instructions regarding a shipment bearing your name and address."

The parcel:

  • Ruby Sapphire, Opal, Amethyst, Blue Topaz & Emeralds

  • $2,000 Bonus (well, bonus certificates, really).

"In the event we have not heard from you (within 15 days with $35) the parcel will be returned to its original sender."

Will we send our credit card number to someone we don't know in New Zealand?

We don't think so.

Maybe the International Shipping & Notification Centre should deduct $35 and just send the rest. Too easy!

Sometimes the most valuable part of a transaction like this is your name and address (not the jewellery!) Your particulars can be sold to similar companies for their "sucker lists". It is up to you to guard your personal information from misuse.