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Liverpool Football Club promotion

A soccer ball with Liverpool football branding on itLiverpool Football Club Promotion

Well-known English football club Liverpool has had its name and reputation hijacked in a number of email scams.

One email scam claims Liverpool FC and its Board of Directors are giving away “high value” cash prizes.

All the recipient has to do is reply to the email with their personal details to claim the prize.

But Liverpool FC has denied it has anything to do with this email.

It has posted a warning on its website that it is not currently running or intending in the future to undertake this type of promotion.

Liverpool FC said it was aware of two companies involved in this activity:

  • Liverpool Promotions

  • Liverpool Awards

However, it said, there may be more of this type of email being sent out.

“The club is working closely with the appropriate authorities to halt the activities of those involved,” it said.

Check out the Red’s warning at www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/

Another email scam claims you are a winner of the Liverpool Football Club Lottery Sweepstakes International Program. Your certified bank cheque has been forwarded to TNT Courier Service and you are advised to contact them at a given email address.

A series of emails will follow requesting you send between $650 and $978 to TNT Courier Service to pay for the courier costs.

This is an advance fee fraud.

International delivery company, TNT, has no connection to this scam. It has posted a warning on its website that the email is a scam. For more details, check out WA ScamNet’s listing “TNT Courier Service” or go to TNT’s website on www.tnt.com/country/en_au/about/press_office/our_news.html