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Markham, Donnelly and Associates

Markham, Donnelly and Associates

If $9000 would help offset today’s high interest rates and fuel prices, read on.

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In a bizarre campaign, Markham, Donnelly and Associates from Ronkonkoma New York in the US are claiming they are giving away the money for no discernable reason other than recipients are the beneficiaries of a cash award and property entitlement.

Their sales pitch is for lucky recipients to send $33.49, or add another $6.99 for Ultra-Fast Processing if you want to be fleeced faster, in the pre-addressed envelope so thoughtfully supplied. This is to cover the processing costs of your file and the shipping costs of your cash award and property entitlement.

The operators of this scam push hard and fast, telling the reader they are one of two confirmed final recipients. But, Markham, Donnelly and Associates are drawing people into a game of chance, as the small print on the back states.