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Feel lethargic, tired and irritable or need to shed a few kilos like the TV show Australia’s Biggest Losers? Natural medicine specialist Dr Martinet of Mineralis, Switzerland has just the tonic you need.

In his mail out scam, Dr Martinet has listed several plans, payable by credit card, cheque or cash to an address in Switzerland that enable recipients to lose five, 10, 15 or 20 kilos at a cost of $40, $70, $100 and $120 respectively.

Dr Martinet provides no scientific evidence Algo L’Carnitin works and the testimonials supplied cannot be verified.

For those leading a busy lifestyle, there is also a roll-on product valued at $30, but it is unclear how many kilos you will shed.

To encourage interest in this scam, Dr Martinet has confirmed the recipient has also won one of two near identical home entertainment systems valued at $12,100 and $1,300, though it is unclear as to which one you have won.  We can not work out why there is a supposed $10,800 variation in price!

But wait, there’s more. With the red Last Chance sticker attached to the brochure, you have a chance (one piece of advertising attached to this scam states you have in fact won) to win AU$26,120.25 as a result of an unclaimed prize. Where the money came from and why it is being awarded is beyond our comprehension.

Clearly we believe all of these claims to be false and designed to part you from your money. Our advice, do not get involved in this scam.

Mineralis seem to be able to cure everything. They even offer smokers the chance to quit their habit in nine days, with no willpower required and claim a $16,000 prize at the same time….amazing!

Mineralis’ Professor of Natural Medicine, Dr Hartmann (he has no first name), has apparently astonished experienced doctors with his no-smoking program even though it doesn’t appear to have been scientifically tested or published.

Potential victims have been randomly selected by, strangely enough, an unnamed mail order company and are able to ‘demand’ the $16,000 prize.

All you need to do to be a part of Dr Hartmann’s magical smoking cure and to claim your prize, is to fill out a patient questionnaire (including name and address details), the No Risk Order and Prize Form, and pay $65 for “postage” costs.

We recommend you steer clear and never give out your personal details to people or organisations you don’t know.

Back to being able to cure everything, Mineralis, under the guise of the MAGISTRAL potion in a separate direct mail scam, even wants to rid men of their prostate disorders, reinforce their bladders and greatly improve their sex lives!

All you need to do is pay $90 for six months supply, or $50 plus a $5 shipping fee for two months worth of the orange juice and pumpkin seed extract formula that is supposed to prevent and eliminate prostate problems without surgery.

WA ScamNet suggests that if you do have prostate problems, forget the snake oil salesmen and go and see your doctor! Your health is too important to leave to potions devised by mail order scammers.