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Monetary Controls Office

Monetary Controls Office

Monetary controls sample letterThe promise to disperse more than a US$1m in cash prizes to a select few direct mail recipients is nothing more than a big hoax.

The highly contradictory Official Payment Confirmation letter congratulates the recipient by name as the No.1 winner of a substantial amount of money, as part of a “confirmed” cash amount of US$1,070,000 to be claimed.

The letter gives the impression you are guaranteed to receive a six figure cash prize because you have been selected as a sweepstakes winner. The “Clearance Certificate” states your name as the “The Individual Eligible For Funds” and the “Disbursement Verified On Report” as US$1,070,000!

Here’s the catch – all you need to do is sign the certificate, choose which payment method you prefer to send the “issuance fee” of US$29.95 and send it back within five days, to confirm your eligibility.  

But the fine print on the back of the letter paints a very different picture. It says the product is as an invitation to purchase “a compilation of sweepstakes” to enter for free, and is NOT a prize notification.

It states that the company does not run the competitions and that you should take care when entering them because it is not responsible for entries.

In reality, all Money Controls Office is responsible for is pinching your money and personal details, because there are no sweepstakes or prizes! The boffins at Money Controls Office must think that by telling you in the fine print that you are going to be scammed, all is fine and legal.   

It’s a scam, so ignore the letter, do not send any money or personal information such as credit card details and report it to WA ScamNet.