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Monetary Prize Payment Agency

Monetary Prize Payment Agency

"This urgent and personal notice is being sent to you in connection with an "ALLOCATED BUT UNCLAIMED" cash prize in a mail order sweepstakes. The outstanding amount is exactly $9,000.00…
…it gives me great pleasure to be able to inform you that you have been deemed officially eligible to receive this unpaid award."

Sounds to us like you've won $9,000.00 and need to claim your money… Is that what it sounds like to you…?

But wait… there's more…!

"…I am enclosing $39.99 to cover express handling of my file as well as first class delivery of my option bonus entitlement of $2,000.00 in cash value vouchers A big pile of australian 100 dollar notesredeemable on holidays, leisure and other great offers."

Over 100 other Western Australians received the same letter from Donald R Watts, Manager of Claims and Distribution for the Monetary Prize Payment Agency.

Luckily they all read the Official Rules that told them they had not actually won any money yet, but were invited to enter a draw for the $9,000.00 grand prize, with the odds of winning it being 1:150,000.

So what about the $2,000.00 of redeemable vouchers…? Well the Official Rules say these are part of a "…for profit offer designed to increase consumer awareness of certain products and/or services". Put simply they want you to pay $40.00 to receive advertisements…

Like we all don't get enough junk-mail already…

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is…!