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Payment Processing Bureau

Payment Processing Bureau

a tropical island in the middle of a light blue seaI am writing to you at this time to officially notify you that it has come to our notice that you failed to submit a claim, and, therefore, did not receive a cash prize of up to $10,000.00 which was due to you in one of our Sponsor's promotions...

It is my duty to offer you every opportunity to claim the money that you are entitled to.

Randall Carter from the Bureau of Unclaimed Awards really wants to give you the cheque for $10,000.00 that you have so far failed to claim. In fact he's so keen he even persuaded "the Sponsor" to throw in an additional $2,000.00 worth of vouchers you can redeem "on retail shopping, holidays, travel and leisure".

Sounds to us like they convinced the Sponsor to send you some advertising material that you are in effect paying for, seeing as the Office Rules explain how you can claim your guaranteed $2.00 cash prize without having to send money.

$43.00 for some extra junk mail...? No thank you, Mr Carter...

The most curious element is the fact that it uses the exact same return address as the Award Notification Service. So who is running these two offers out of the same post box...?