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Payment Resources Group

Payment Resources Group

A diamond pendant on a diamante chain You open the letter and there is a fake cheque for US$10,000 with your name written on it.

Payment Resources Group, International Cash Payment Centre, claim that you are guaranteed a real cheque if you respond before the deadline with the winning I.D. number.

But don't bank on it. This proposal is as fake as the cheque on the letter.

The personally addressed letter claims that you are a "guaranteed cash award recipient" in the Payment Resources Group International Cash Award Draw.

You are requested to return the cash claim form immediately to allow Payment Resources Group to rush your cash award to you by international air post.

You have to post it within 10 days otherwise your claim will be disqualified.

And as a special bonus you receive a "stunning emerald gold heart pendant set with a genuine hand-cut and polished .50 pt Diamond on a 18-inch chain" for $39.95.

Don't rush out to mail this letter to Canada.

Read the fine print and you'll discover that you haven't actually won anything yet, just the chance to win in a pre-drawn sweepstake that doesn't close until December 2007 - so much for the urgency!

The real sting is that the winning two numbers have already been selected and the prize will only be awarded if the winners respond to this offer. There are three prizes worth $2,500 and everybody else receives US$1. Guess which cheque you'll receive in the mail?

Some people think it is still worth entering because you get a lovely piece of jewellery for $40. This is actually the real aim of this mail-out - flogging cheap jewellery.

WA ScamNet contributors, who have participated in these types of promotions in the past, have received jewellery that is more at home on the shelves of a $2 Discount Shop then in jewellery shop.

The only thing of value in this mail-out is the instructions on how to get your name off this company's mailing list. We suggest you take up that offer which is detailed in the fine print on the back of the letter.