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Selective Awards Reporting Agency

Selective Awards Reporting Agency

a hand holding a pencil and filling in a lotto ticketDo you want more paperwork on your “to do” list at home?  Do you want to waste your time filling out entries into an international competition you may not win?  Then have Selective Awards Reporting Agency (SARA) got a deal for you!

S.A.R.A has identified you as a receiver of the “available AU$625,0000 in cash and awards”. 

In this eye-popping scam, CEO of S.A.R.A Marty Feldman wants you to urgently send him $30 so he can give you a list of “win opportunity directives”.  

Before you rush to the bank to organise your $30 investment into this scam all you will receive is a photocopy booklet listing some international competitions. No prizes, just a list of prize draws that you could probably find on the web yourself.  

Looking at the fine print, S.A.R.A tells you that they have NOTHING to do with the prize draws. Each draw is free to enter, they do not guarantee that you will win any sweepstakes and, our favourite line, “You do not need to purchase the report to enter any sweepstakes”.  So why would we pay $30 for their booklet?

There is also a catch to their prize advertisement. The prizes for the competitions may total up to AU$625,000 but what is the likelihood of you being able to win them all? Like most of these listing booklet scams, there are also prize draws that you would be ineligible to enter.

If you have already been enticed into the scam, we encourage you to ask for a refund as per their instructions. 

You can also try their DNM (do not mail) list.  Just follow the instructions carefully. Some WA ScamNet contributors have tried this and it has worked.

We wonder if the small population of Old Bethpage NY have any idea this scam is being operated right under their nose?