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Sentinel Marketing Group

Sentinel Marketing Group

A thatched roofed holiday resort set around a huge pool; on the coast; near forested mountains A sentinel usually refers to a sentry or guard, sometimes a statue that guards a particular place, person or item, as well as an honour guard.

Well, there is nothing honourable about Sentinel Marketing Group because this business is just out to scam you out of your money.

The personally addressed letter from Sentinel Marketing Group proclaims:

“This urgent communication requires an immediate response – respond immediately.

“As President of Sentinel Marketing Group, I hereby attest and affirm that the nominee named herein has been fully verified for the full amount of $2,164,358.”

You are required to send a documentation fee of $30 to comply, the letter states.

If you think you have actually won $2 million – think again!

The letter’s fine print clearly details that all you will receive for your money is a newsletter containing details of sweepstakes you can enter. Sentinel is not a sponsor or administrator of any of these sweepstakes.

Sentinel operates from Shannon Airport House in Ireland where a growing number of other scams appear to be based.

There is one piece of good news. Sentinel actually has a website which provides information on how Australian, Canadian, UK and German residents can get off their mailing list. Details are provided in the FAQ section.

Why not give it a go and let us know how you went! Remember to use the same name and address as appears on the envelope addressed to you.