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Transglobal Commercial Services

Transglobal Commercial Services

A dark blue car (2007 lotus elise)Notice of Unclaimed Motor Vehicle or other Commercial Goods

Congratulations! Simply complete the Claim for Release of Motor Vehicle or other Commercial Goods and Transglobal Commercial Services of Canada will deliver your new Volvo V70 to your door! Don't delay!

A perfectly reasonable processing fee of $49.95 is also needed…

Careful reading of the closely typed, all capitals, fine print on the back of the form tells a different story. Everyone who returns a claim form with $49.95 will purchase one of the "commercial goods" on the list. The list has one Volvo and, amongst other things, five million jewellery ensembles.

What the headline gives, the fine print takes away.

Advertising that creates a clear impression, then contradicts this impression in fine print is prohibited by the Fair Trading Act in Western Australia.

As usual, we will write to Transglobal Commercial Services and invite it to contact us for advice on how to lawfully do business in Western Australia.