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Supreme Financial Services

Supreme Financial Services

Supreme financial services letterThe cheque for US$10,000 enclosed in a letter from Supreme Financial Services says ‘this is not a valid cheque’.  It’s not a valid offer either. 

If you think being a ‘designated recipient of guaranteed cash payment’, means you’ve won US$10,000, think again. The fine print on the back of the letter shows it’s a sweepstake with only two grand prizes of US$10,000. The sweepstake isn’t drawn until the end of the year and the only guaranteed cash on offer is US$1. It’s not worth the cost of the stamp to return the completed form.

This scam is similar to one that did the rounds in 2007. In that scam, Goode, Walker & Company claimed to be acting on behalf of ‘Worchester Jewellers, London, England’.

The Supreme Financial Services offer claims to be acting on behalf of the same jewellers and it’s a similar scam. You’re a definite winner and if you only send a processing and assurance fee of A$39.95, you’ll receive a ‘free’ genuine diamond enamelled gold plated heart pendant and chain offer from Worchester Jewellers. The diamond is about as genuine as the offer.

The only return you’ll get for your A$39.95 is a piece of junk jewellery and probably more of this sort of scam mail in the future.

Ignore the offer and report it to [ Article KFVHNRWQSQZRLEF5P63HLDFVNMUO1S not found.]