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Kimberley flood scams

Scammers often emerge in the wake of natural disasters to try and steal money from donors and the intended recipients. It is important to report any scams online to WA ScamNet or call 1300 30 40 54 so we can warn consumers and get fake pages shut down as soon as possible.

For further information relating to Kimberley flood scams, see the latest alerts below:


There are various versions of Kimberley scam warning posters which have been created by Consumer Protection in English and plain English as well as videos in English with English subtitles, Kriol with plain English subtitles and Walmajarri with plain English subtitles, which can be downloaded and used appropriately to spread awareness.

Kimberley Scam warning video

Consumer Protection's Vimeo channel has a Kimberley Scams alert video to view or download. 

Kimberley floods - scam warning (English) from Consumer Protection WA on Vimeo.

Scam Alert Poster




Scam Alert for Print [14.5MB) | Scam Alert for Web [3.3MB]

Simple English

Alert poster for Print [14.1MB] | Alert poster for Web [3.8MB]




Report Poster




Scam Report for Print [16.6MB) | Scam Report for Web [4.0MB]

Simple English

Report poster for Web [4.0MB]




Phishing scams




Phishing scams for Print [9.9MB) | Phishing scams for Web [3.3MB]