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Beware of fake myGov emails

Have you or someone you know recently received an email from myGov with a link like the one pictured? Don’t get caught out by this imposter scam. The link provided will just take you to a scam website – this is not a legitimate email from myGov.  

WA ScamNet regularly receives reports about scam emails that claim to be from an Australia Government Office.

Sometimes you can tell it’s not really from the government by checking the sender’s address. The email below has come from no-reply @mygov.net but the correct email should be from noreply@my.gov.au.

However a technique called email spoofing means that sometimes scam emails will say dot gov dot au as though it’s from a genuine Australian Government email account even though it isn’t. Usually the email is offering money or like this one, it asks you to update your details.

Often in the body of the email you will be asked to click a link – never do this as this is how the scammers will get your details. You can be sure that a government agency won’t ever contact you out of the blue to offer you a refund or to update your details in this way. Like most government departments, myGov will not send you an SMS, email or attachment that contains hyperlinks or URLs.

MyGov has a good online security page where you can find more on how to protect yourself from scammers.

Check out:  https://my.gov.au/mygov/content/html/security.html

Example of fake myGov email::

fake myGov email