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Edmond de Valles

Edmond de Valles

Edmond de VallesMr de Valles’ four-page diatribe from Geneva has the familiar promise of love, money and happiness ever after. 

As a clairvoyant and medium, Edmond claims a cosmic anomaly occurred when you were born which prevented your Harmonale (harmonic base) correctly initializing.

Apparently, Edmond has the power to restore your harmonale. Just pay him $65 and he will send you your Birth Stone and the “Rites of Purification and Sanctification”.

Edmond has also foreseen you winning $13,000. For this to happen, you absolutely need a Lapis Lazuli for $33. How on earth could we all survive without a Lapis Lazuli!

His letter also includes an entry for one single prize of US$13,000.  The very fine print alongside a printed “Cheque Acceptance Form” states “Entry form – free postal draw with no purchase required.  Under the control of an independent supervisor in Geneva, with one winner and a number of losers.  Prize at stake a cheque for US$13,000”.

Of course, there will be a number of losers.  But we doubt there will be a winner.

This is an all too familiar theme.  We predict that all you will get for your money is some coloured stones.