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BGAR Bureau Gral d'allocation des Recompenses

BGAR Bureau Gral d'allocation des Recompenses

A dark wood, wooden chest full of gold coins"You are the person declared a winner in our giant cheque for $15,000 game," the letter from Bureau Général d'allocation des Récompenses (BGAR) states.

“The cheque that you have won is fully and rightfully yours. It is ready to be sent to your home, via secure post.”

The only problem is that the cheque is not for $15,000, as the letter seems to state.

The so-called “cheque” is actually discount vouchers worth $109 for some silly gaming method or psychic trinket being flogged by BGAR.

This is another annoying mail out conducted by the black-hearted Blacktacos mail order sales company.

So why isn’t $15,000 yours? That’s because “Acceptance Certificate for a $15,000 cheque offering a prize in the amount of $15,000” is actually the name of the promotion being offered by Blacktacos.

The promotion does have a main prize of $15,000 but the ticket is pre-drawn before the mail out, it’s not drawn from the pool of people who respond to this letter or other versions of this game.

So how do they get away with saying that “a cheque” is definitely yours? “Gift cheques” is the name of the secondary prize that all “winners” who respond to the mail-out receive. 

Boy, if you are regarded as a “winner” by this mob, what do “losers” receive!

If you send $50 (which you don’t have to do to enter the competition) you receive the “Extraordinary Gaming Method”, another worthless lucky numbers formula.

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