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Davenport & Associates

red dice rollingDavenport & Associates

From the city famous for gambling, Las Vegas, comes the latest con to rob you of your money by making you believe that you have won millions of dollars in prizes.

Davenport & Associates of Las Vegas has been sending out letters advising the recipients that they have huge amounts of unclaimed cash and prizes waiting to be claimed and are in danger of forfeiting their winnings if they don’t record their free entry.  One recipient was told they had won a whopping $US7-million.

But the “free” entry involves a $30 processing fee.  The letters say a quick response is required, creating a false sense of urgency.

In looking at the terms and conditions more carefully, the letter advises that: “purchase entitles the customer to an elaborate report that lists entry directives for various corporate sponsored sweepstakes and contests.”

All that you get for your $30 is a report with a list of free sweepstakes and competitions consumers can enter, most of them are accessible through websites.

The Davenport scheme is similar to numerous other schemes operating under the following names:

  • Award Opportunity Group

  • Fortune Entitlement Division

  • Prize Information Exchange

  • Hamilton Research Services

  • Global Award Solutions

  • WinnerNet

  • Universal Information Service

  • Award Opportunity Prospectus

  • Informational Prize Service

  • Prize Information Agence

  • Funds Approval Department

  • Prize Claim Notification

  • Asset Awards Company

  • Investigative Wealth Division

  • Vital Prize Information Fulfilment