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International Special Offers

International Special Offers

Express Award Notice

(You) have been specially selected by means of a random computer draw covering hundreds of thousands of candidates to receive one of the seven items listed below:

  • A silver surround sound systemNew Mercedes A140 (or $32,000.00 in Cash)

  • $3,500.00 in Cash

  • SONY Home Entertainment Centre

  • $2,300.00 in Cash

  • Genuine Diamond Wristwatch

  • $1,1000.00 in Cash

  • Packard Bell 800mhz Personal computer

Just send your claim fee of $49.95 to enable the prize to be delivered. So what’s the catch? The terms and conditions, printed on the inside of the envelope, tell you that one person (out of 750,000) will receive a car, three win a Sony package, four get a computer, and six ‘lucky’ participants will receive some cash… everyone else “wins” the diamond watch…

Put it another way. Send $49.95 to International Special Offers in the UK to get a watch (brand unknown) with a diamond chip on its face, but no warranty that you can enforce locally if things go wrong.

You will also be sure to get lots and lots of similar offers if you respond.


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