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Winterthur Asset Company

Winterthur Asset Company

A car, camera, computer or cash cheque – Winterthur Asset Company claims you qualify for one of these fantastic prizes.

But it is all a con.

The letter from Winterthur Asset Company claims you have been consigned property worth up to US$33,199.88.

Of course, the letter doesn’t say which of the impressive goods (including a Mercedes Benz) you will receive. To find out, you have to write to them with your $39.95 to secure your entitlement.

But of course Winterthur Asset Company are hoping you will be caught up in the excitement of the letter and send off your money in the next mail.

Do you really think that $39.95 is going to get you the Mercedes Benz – we doubt it!

You are more likely to receive cheap jewellery, which is not worth the money you sent.

The fine print on the letter states that this is an advertising promotion aimed at gaining new customers. So if you respond, you can be guaranteed of receiving similar offers from this mail-order company peddling cheap merchandise.

This scam is a re-packaged version of the E-Global Enterprises letter.

The return address is 90 Trade Zone Ct, Ronkonkoma, NY, USA. Watch out for other scams using this same return address.