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Higgins Trust Group

A fake company calling itself Higgins Trust Group is trying to obtain job seekers’ bank account details by offering employment in administrative roles.Higgins Trust Group webpage

People targeted by the scheme have received unsolicited emails from Higgins Trust Group with information about an employment opportunity.

The job description states that staff will use their own bank account to help move money between the company’s local clients and its headquarters in the United States. See our ‘Money Mule’ webpage for more details on this type of scheme.

Applicants are invited to participate in an interview, which involves submitting written responses to questions in an online video. They are also asked to provide further information, including their bank account details.

The Higgins Trust Group website – most recently using the address http://higgstg.com – lists a false address in New York City and uses staff images sourced from other websites, including legitimate businesses based in Serbia.


Tips to avoid employment scams

  • Do some digging – a simple online search or phone call may be enough to confirm that a business, company or trading premises does not exist or is being impersonated.
  • Don’t pay money upfront to secure a job, whether it’s for training, equipment, transport or accommodation. It’s not normal industry practice and is likely to be a scam.
  • If anyone tries to charge you for finding work, contact WA ScamNet.
  • In Western Australia, employment and recruitment agents must be licensed and are not permitted to charge job seekers for their services. They can only take fees from the employer. You can search for a licensed agent on the Consumer Protection website.
  • Guard your personal information including your CV, tax file number and any proof-of-identity documents such as a scan of your passport, which can all be used to commit identity theft.
  • You can report scams or ask for further advice by contacting WA ScamNet.

Related Scams

  • Flexible Work Scam
    Flexible Work Scam

    People seeking jobs with flexible work conditions, such as working from home need to watch-out for job scams that attempt to steal your money, rather than make you any.   

  • Employment scams
    Employment scams

    Job-seekers should be wary of scammers targeting them with illegal money laundering schemes disguised as work opportunities.

  • Casa Belrina Travel and Dacodion Travel
    Casa Belrina Travel and Dacodion Travel

    A fake travel agency is targeting job-seekers in a ‘money mule’ scam where they are offered employment to receive and transfer funds via their personal bank account.

  • Upfront training fee scam - Sysmex, Netgraph and Netflicks Technologies
    Upfront training fee scam - Sysmex, Netgraph and Netflicks Technologies

    While searching for work, jobseekers also need to be on the lookout for bogus recruitment companies that scam victims into paying training fees for non-existent positions.

  • Hilton Metropolitan Hotels
    Hilton Metropolitan Hotels

    We recently received a report in relation to a job seeker who received an email from “Hilton Metropolitan Hotels Australia” (info@hiltonmetropolitanholtels.com) offering her a job at Double Tree by Hilton. 

  • Reshipping scam
    Reshipping scam

  • Ealid recruiters
    Ealid recruiters

    “Ealid Recruiters” are fleecing job seekers of their cash for supposed police checks and uniform rental.

  • Fake recruitment advertisements claim to be Deloitte
    Fake recruitment advertisements claim to be Deloitte

    WA ScamNet warns fraudsters are impersonating Deloitte in recruitment advertisements placed in classifieds sections of various Australian newspapers and magazines.

  • miningjobswa.org

    Job seekers need to be aware of fake websites offering attractive job opportunities but only want to steal people’s money and possibly their identity.

  • Luchana websites an employment scam
    Luchana websites an employment scam

    Professional looking websites and advertisements are being used to lure prospective employees in the construction industry, but it's a scam. 

  • Farm and vineyard job scams targets backpackers
    Farm and vineyard job scams targets backpackers

    Overseas visitors on working holidays and Australian's travelling on a 'gap year' are the target of fake offers of employment at farms and wineries.  

  • Door-knockers offering free laptops not from the Government
    Door-knockers offering free laptops not from the Government

    Consumer Protection is warning Western Australians, particularly those in remote and regional communities, about door-knockers offering ‘free’ laptops to people who sign up for courses.

  • West Australians tricked into becoming Money Mules
    West Australians tricked into becoming Money Mules

    Consumer Protection and WA Police have warned West Australians not to be tricked into becoming money mules for overseas criminals, warning about enticements such as job advertisements offering an attractive salary for working from home or other fake business propositions.

  • Fruit picking in regional WA
    Fruit picking in regional WA

    Overseas backpackers have been duped by a fake online advertisement offering fruit picking work and accommodation in Narrogin.

  • Mystery shopper - Survey agent
    Mystery shopper - Survey agent

    Job adverts for mystery shoppers or survey agents have been appearing in recruitment sections of WA newspapers lately (February 2013) BUT it’s no secret to Consumer Protection that the scheme is a scam.

  • Mining recruitment scam
    Mining recruitment scam

    During June and July 2012 Consumer Protection has seen an increase in reports of recruitment scams using offers of employment in the WA mining and resource industry.

    Scammers are using Facebook, online classifieds and fake recruitment websites to get in contact with victims. 

  • Alleged fraud on wannabe fruit pickers
    Alleged fraud on wannabe fruit pickers

    Consumer Protection is warning jobseekers to be wary of responding to adverts on classifieds websites, where the recruiter requires payment. It comes after a group of at least forty backpackers reported losing $120-$150 each and handing over secure personal details after responding to an online advert for fruit picking positions in WA’s South West.

  • Adams Green
    Adams Green

    Earn $3500 to $4000 a month by transferring money for this New York based “online-to-offline money transfer service”. WA ScamNet warns that the only thing you are likely to be promoted to is a “jail inmate”.

  • Apple Sales Group
    Apple Sales Group

    Email scammers calling themselves, Apple Sales Group, are promising people they can earn a quick and easy supplementary income of $1400 a week by working just a couple of hours a day. But the promise of easy cash comes at a cost.

  • Ascon International
    Ascon International

    If you think you have seen this unsolicited job offer before, you are right! Only one letter separates this latest money mule scam from the Ascot International (Finance Group) LLC money mule scam which bombarded our inboxes last month.

  • Barcelo Travel
    Barcelo Travel

    The bland email from Barcelo Travel seems innocuous enough, containing only a few short sentences offering a job with a big salary. But this email is anything but innocent and is flooding inboxes around the world. You will probably receive a different version of this email depending on where you live.

  • Bestfast-job.com

    Scammers trying to recruit money mules for illegal money transfer schemes are getting lazy!

  • Cash-Transfers Inc
    Cash-Transfers Inc

    Want to earn $3500 to $4000 a month, working from home, for an international online-offline money transfer service? Not if it is illegal, you don’t! So-called “company” Cash-Transfers Inc is recruiting money mules to be involved in illegal money laundering schemes.

  • Columbus-Partners Inc
    Columbus-Partners Inc

    Columbus-Partners Inc claims to be an online-to-offline money transfer service with headquarters in New York City. It claims there are five openings to assist in creating a virtual local presence. This is an illegal money mule or money transfer scheme which has a very nasty sting in its tail.

  • CommExchanges Inc
    CommExchanges Inc

    Which bank is now being connected to an email scam – the Commonwealth Bank.

  • Conex Inc.
    Conex Inc.

    Get a great job, even if you can't write a proper English sentence.

  • Corporate PA
    Corporate PA

    The email proclaims it is the "best job opportunity of the month". Your new boss is “a dream to work for”, fair, caring, and organized. Ask yourself whether this caring, supportive boss will bail you out of jail when you are arrested for money laundering?

  • Dick Smith employment email
    Dick Smith employment email

    An email purportedly from the desk of entrepreneur Dick Smith seeks payment agents to assist his company in dodging Australian tax laws. 

  • Drop4Sale

    Drop4Sale is doing the rounds via email, targeting Australians and New Zealanders as the company claims to be hiring in both countries in a rapid global expansion. But don’t be fooled – the only thing that is expanding is the coffers of the scammers behind this guise.

  • EcoLife Company
    EcoLife Company

    These pithy catchphrases, contained in the email subject area, are being used to hook you into a money transfer scheme using the name EcoLife Company. WA ScamNet would like to add its own catchphrase to this: “Participate in this scam and spend time in jail”.

  • Fake newspaper job offers
    Fake newspaper job offers

    Money mule recruiters who promote fake job offers via email are now turning to newspapers and other media outlets to run advertisements.

  • Financial International Consulting Ltd
    Financial International Consulting Ltd

    Money mule recruiters have come up with a new hook to get you involved in illegal money laundering - pretend it's to do with charity work.

  • FinServ Inc
    FinServ Inc

    If something is too good to be true, then it probably is! This is just another money transfer scheme. FinServ are actually recruiting "money mules" to accept fraudulent transactions in their accounts.

  • Girtex Inc.
    Girtex Inc.

      Scammers use Trojan and key logging viruses to capture customer online banking details. They need Australian bank accounts to launder the money through. Once you receive the money, you take your cut and pass the rest to a pre-arranged overseas destination.

  • Global Austrian Syndicate
    Global Austrian Syndicate

    If you were sick of the Swiss Invest email clogging up your email inboxes then brace yourself for Global Austrian Syndicate (GAS).

  • GlobalIndustry Finance Group
    GlobalIndustry Finance Group

    GlobalIndusty Finance Group claims to be a finance company looking for part-time financial contractors. It claims you can earn between $1000 and $2000 a week. All you need to do is provide your bank account details.This is just another money transfer scheme. GlobalIndustry is actually recruiting "money mules" to accept fraudulent transactions in their accounts.

  • Global Job or wdajob.com
    Global Job or wdajob.com

    If you can’t con them once, then try conning them under a different name – that should be the motto for the scammers behind the Global job/wdajob.com email.

  • Impex Consult Financial Consulting Group
    Impex Consult Financial Consulting Group

    Ignore this email. Impex Consult Financial Consulting Group want to exploit you, not employ you!

  • Instant Cash
    Instant Cash

    Instant Cash project coordinator Jason Braun has a part-time position in his company to facilitate financial transactions. Don’t let the company’s slick website fool you, this is just another money transfer scheme.

  • Mercury Industries
    Mercury Industries

    “No cold calling, no selling to family and friends, no door to door sales! Just sales support for our growing company.” That’s the pitch used in an email purportedly from Mercury Industries.The pitch should actually read: “No cold calling, no selling to family and friends, no door to door sales! Just an illegal money transfer scheme which could land you in hot water”.

  • Money Transfer Schemes - Girtex Inc
    Money Transfer Schemes - Girtex Inc

    Money transfer schemes are the latest so-called “working from home” scams to hit our email inboxes. The schemes claim to offer you a commission simply for receiving money into your bank account and then transferring it out again. There are laws against money laundering. Is the money worth the risk of prosecution and a criminal record?

  • Mystery Shopping Inc.
    Mystery Shopping Inc.

    A warning for WA job-seekers – don’t fall victim to overseas scammers who use mystery shoppers as money mules.

  • Nations Welfare Foundation
    Nations Welfare Foundation

    An old trick in a brand new disguise is starting to infiltrate the inboxes of email accounts and  WA ScamNet fears that some well intentioned people might get themselves into trouble.

  • Norden United Limited
    Norden United Limited

    Note to scammers: If you want to hoodwink people into your illegal money laundering scams then at least proof read your emails.

  • Norway Consulting Group
    Norway Consulting Group

    The Norway Consulting Group unsolicited email and website looks sleek and professional but very familiar. That’s because it’s just another template used by scammers trying to recruit money mules to transfer illegally gained money.

  • ProActive Pharmaceuticals
    ProActive Pharmaceuticals

    ProActive Pharmaceuticals appears to be a slick, professional operation but behind the fancy facade, it is toxic. The scammers behind ProActive Pharmaceuticals want to recruit you as a money mule to launder stolen money.

  • Project 21 - work from home processing emails
    Project 21 - work from home processing emails

    The "Self Employment Opportunity" ad said "Work from home processing emails.  Earn up to $5,000 pm p/t."  Sound too good to be true?"Project 21" is an email version of an old-fashioned envelope stuffing scam, promising high returns for little or no effort.

  • Quik Drop International
    Quik Drop International

    Money launderers are using the name of the legitimate company QuikDrop to lure you into international fraud.

  • RAC Finance Limited scam
    RAC Finance Limited scam

    You will need more than roadside assistance if you fall for this scam. Criminal gangs are using the name of reputable Western Australian company, RAC Finance Ltd (part of the RACWA group), to trawl for money mules to launder stolen funds.

  • River Partners
    River Partners

    WA ScamNet would love to send this scam down the river but unfortunately it will just resurface under a different name.

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities Ukraine
    Ronald McDonald House Charities Ukraine

    How low can scammers go? This email uses the name of a charity for sick kids to recruit innocent people to act as money mules?

  • Secret Shoppers
    Secret Shoppers

    A scam asking people to work as secret shoppers in return for payment cleverly uses a code of conduct and ethics, and very real-looking fake cheques, to try to legitimise a complete fraud.

  • SEEK job resume
    SEEK job resume

    An email job offer arrives from a company claiming to have got your resume from SEEK Australia job site.Apparently your resume suits the requirements for a position processing payments. Little computer knowledge is needed and you will be paid DAILY. Your minimal income is $4000 on average a month. Hang-on, this sounds suspiciously like a money mule money laundering scam.

  • Steinberg Investments Inc
    Steinberg Investments Inc

    Steinberg Investments have a highly paid part-time job waiting for you.Steinberg Investments is so well-known that when you do a search on the Internet, it comes up with plenty of listings – as a SCAM.


  • Swiss Invest
    Swiss Invest

    Ask yourself why would an international financial investment company send out unsolicited emails to recruit a financial manager?  Swiss Invest Ltd claims to be a leading company dealing in the European equity market. But we say they are just leaders in scams.

  • Transaction Handling Agent
    Transaction Handling Agent

    Money launderer’s have come up with a new name for a money mule – a “transaction handling agent”.

  • Trigon Partners
    Trigon Partners

    Scammers will try anything once, twice or even a dozen times to recruit money mules to launder money. Trigon Partners is their latest offering.

  • UK Modulus Invest
    UK Modulus Invest

    Remember the Swiss Invest money mule scam? Well, it’s been reborn as UK Modulus Invest.

  • Ukrainian Folk Instruments Sales
    Ukrainian Folk Instruments Sales

    Ukrainian Folk Instruments Sales (UFIS) is advertising a position for a financial operations manager with a salary of $600 to $5000 per week. UFIS is good at blowing its own horn but its all hot air. UFIS is a typical money transfer scheme.Often the money being transferred into your account is stolen from other people’s bank accounts via the Internet.

  • Xoom Global Money Transfer
    Xoom Global Money Transfer

    Scams such as these purport to offer a commission, for transferring funds, that we believe are stolen from other people’s bank accounts