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Cavoodle puppy scam

Paws for thought if you’re looking for a puppy online.

Consumers have paid for a puppy either via a website or by responding to an online classifieds advertisement only to find out the whole thing’s a fraud.


WA ScamNet has just managed to get a website called www.cavdoolpupsaustralianow.com shut down.  

Two people had paid $850 each by direct bank transfer for a Cavoodle puppy from the site but didn’t receive anything in return. If they had used a credit card or Paypal they would have been able to dispute the transaction and seek a ‘chargeback’ because the goods they paid for had not been supplied. But as it stands they cannot get their money back.

Both consumers stumbled across the website when searching for ‘Cavoodle puppies in WA’.

One of them was sent information for a delivery company (Animal Pet Movers & Escrow Services) which does not exist and was asked to pay a further $1000 for insurance. Thankfully they did not pay the extra money and realised it was a scam. They are still $850 out of pocket.

The email address the scammers are using is cavoodlepupsaustralia@gmail.com. We have reported the email address to have it deactivated.

Both affected victims have also reported the phone number (08) 9467 4113, which seems to be a VOIP number, and is still active.


Another website has been brought to our attention:  www.cavoodlecutie.com - we are currently working on getting this site disabled. We have already had reports of a $1000 loss from one consumer.  

This new website is using the same pictures as the previously reported website and the information used is nearly exactly the same. Most of the wording on the new website looks to have been copied from the former one.

The website states that they have had a farm since 2007, yet the website is 12 days old.

The victim who reported this site to us, was asked to make payment for $1000 for the puppy and then another $1600 for travel expenses (which was meant to be refundable). It was at this stage they noticed the warning on WA Scamnet and saw the similarities with the website.

Buying a puppy

Remember if you’re looking to buy a puppy there are plenty awaiting adoption at dog refuge homes and through the RSPCA's Adopt-A-Pet.

If you decide not to adopt because you can’t find the breed you want, you should use a registered breeder – search on The Canine Association of Western Australia website.

There are more tips in the Consumer Protection's Commissioner’s blog about pet sale scams.

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